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Colonel Benta


Colonel Benta (Samuell Benta) is a multitalented creative from NW London, specialising in the areas of acting, writing, directing and TV producing. His acting credits include BBC'S Silent Witness, BBC'S Hotel Babylon, ITV'S The BIll, BBC'S Eastenders E20 ( just to name a few) but his main role was being the first British actor to be a Power Ranger! He also had his own family sitcom which he produced, wrote, directed and starred in called All About The Mckenzies, which aired on ITV2. Grassroots is no new thing to Benta as independent is all he has known. He believes that the more you water your seeds as a creative the more powerful you will be and the better you are!


Rapping is where he started at 15yrs old, it was his first love Inspired by the sounds of No Limit, Ruff Ryders and Bad Boy records. He wrote songs everyday eventually leading to getting in the studio. Spiritually led with his lyrics he combines spirituality and societal issues and mixes it into hiphop, grime and drill, with the intention of elevating the conciousness of the youth to move the world forward more conciously. He is the contorversial type and some may say a bit of a conspiracy theorist but Benta is no shy man, his performances are full on energetic and not afraid to get in the crowd and interact to deliver his message. 

Recently since recording his first EP (BENTAFICATION), he has been performing at many open mics around London. After the years of acting for camera he felt the music calling him back, and very soon shutting venues down with his performances. Known for his catchy hooks, amazing stage presence and electric blue camo, will make you never forget him!  


More can be found out about Colonel Benta and the man himself on his website

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Colonel Benta

PREVIOUS performances

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The name COLONEL BENTA is an actual character from a cartoon that Samuell is developing called BENTAVISION, where the head of the army is in fact Colonel Benta!​ A Colonel that raps missions to his army. The cartoon image on the left:

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